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My Top Ten Must See Classic Movies

By request from Andy, my top ten must-see classic films, in no particular order Because films are like children as far as I’m concerned: you may have a favourite, but you don’t tell people. 1. Vertigo The only colour movie to make the list (though […]

Diary of a Writer

Ever wondered about the random stuff I get up to and think about? Well wonder no more… Partly because I am so gloriously rubbish at keeping up with blogging these days (I plead that my typing fingers can’t take any more when I’m done the […]

The Fear

I just had to switch off Friends from College. Not because it’s bad, it seems alright actually. I’m intrigued enough by the characters, and I like her off How I Met Your Mother. But at the end of the second episode, they played Don’t Look Back in […]

Is this thing still on?

Hello! Anybody still out there? So I don’t need to tell you that I’ve been a terrible, down-low, dirty neglectful blogger of late. I don’t really have an excuse, though I have been somewhat on the busy side. There’s been the whole settling into a […]

Reject Me Right

This week has been a bit of a good news/bad news whirlwind. I had a great workshop session on Hollywoodland – yay! Then I got a script rejected – boo. Then I got another unexpected copy job – medium yay or yay, depending on whether we’re cheering […]

Edinburgh’s Sister March

I promised a report on the Women’s March yesterday, but what I didn’t account for was the Burns Supper I went to after the march (and specifically, the whisky that would entail) so… much of yesterday was spent sitting very still and hoping not to […]

Is Anything Any Good?

Well if I’ve learned one thing over the past couple of days, it’s that people’s opinions can really vary! It’s been fascinating watching comments and votes come in for Hollywoodland‘s cover, particularly how the favourite in one round dropped heavily in the next. I personally love all […]

Hollywoodland Cover Design: Judge this Book

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but I can only presume they have never been to a bookshop. Because when I’m wandering about Waterstones or clicking about Amazon, what else can I judge by? The blurb, sure. I’ll probably read the first […]

Brexit: Off the Cliff

This is it then. Hard Brexit. We’re off the cliff. No longer the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, but a Disunited Kingdom of Tory Brexitland. There have been indications for weeks now that they’d take us out of the single market (very deliberate […]

Queen Christina 1932: Behind the Scenes

I might have mentioned my Greta Garbo project here once or a gazillion times. I’m going to be getting back into the draft in a couple of weeks (I want to finish the section I’m on in Before Again first, and I have a TV pilot […]