Day Forty-Nine

If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to this week, the answer is mostly: eating. I’ve just got back into working out properly, since, if I’m honest, tearing my knee apart skiing drunk two New Years Days ago.

I was on crutches for months, then semi hobbling for more months, and since then – to be fair, there’s also been distracting life changes and whatnot – it’s been really stop and start. I’ve had a couple of brief periods of feeling as though I’m back on the wagon, but for one reason or another it’s never really lasted beyond the “omg please let me get through this session at least without puking.” Then I’ve stopped (because who in their right mind would do that to themselves on purpose?) and had to start all over again, again.

But, new life, new good intentions. I’ve been going to the Glasgow Club in the Kelvin Hall. It’s mad, because when I was wee it was where the circus was held every Christmas, so now I’m doing jump squats where I have seen elephants dance. It’s also nice and chilled, with a bit of an old-school local sports centre vibe as opposed to a scary and intimidating gym. So, perfect for getting going again.

However – and this always happens when I up my activity levels – it leaves me ravenous. My attitude to size/weight has always been that as long as I eat reasonably healthy and (when I do!) work out a reasonable amount, I’ll be whatever size I’m supposed to be, and that’s cool. Which is lucky, because controlling eating AND working out are incompatible in my book.

I tried it once, years ago when I was younger and more insecure and thought I should be skinny, and it mostly left me grouchy and dizzy. Not fun. Also, I tend to find that if I eat mostly good stuff, I can get away with reasonably vast quantities – but even then, life is for living/a little of what you fancy, and all that.

To be fair, it’s not just been about working of the sweaty variety. Work has been so bonkers that my poor little brain is starting to smoke out my ears, and I am VERY happy that it’s Friday, even if I’m going to be on call for a client over the weekend. It’s a fun project, so it’s not the end of the world – and because I’ve been unexpectedly busy with client work, I’ll be catching up on my Hollywoodland to do list much of the weekend anyway.

Some of you might have seen that yesterday began a little mini rollout of Hollywoodland stuff (Aaaah! Woohoo! … Aaaaahhhh!). Since picking the book cover design, I’ve been working more with the designer to develop a whole social media branding thingymajig, and if I do say so myself, it’s looking fab.

I added the new look to the Facebook Street Team group – feel free to check it out and join! – and kicked off the Instagram (please follow that if you fancy it – it’s looking a little forlorn in the followers department so far!!) yesterday, so it’s all go.

And now it’s off to the second meeting Freelancer Fridays!


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    When’s the next DAILY instalment Claire, eh? Eh??

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      Argh! Shhh!! *pretending this isn’t hapening* I was vaguely hoping no one would notice… BUT there is good reason JUST ABOUT to be revealed… (evil laugh)

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