Day Forty-Eight

The annoying thing is, as I walked home and thought over the whole thing, I remembered at least three deal breaker moments when I should have walked out. Why is it so hard to click in the moment when someone is being completely out of order?

In this case, it was partly because I love a good debate, and have a fairly high tolerance for it getting shouty. Also in this case it was so absurd that for quite a while I kept expecting him to suddenly stop and be like ‘shit sorry, I went right off on one there!’ It actually took a while for it to dawn on me that he was serious.

Further I thoroughly enjoy trying to get my head round a different argument or point of view. Whether or not I’m ultimately going to agree with it, it’s a good mind exercise to try to figure out where someone is coming from. What I don’t enjoy is when someone is incapable of accepting “look, you clearly think X and I get that, but I don’t agree,” and just wants to keep hectoring you until, I don’t know, one of us dies?

Or indeed when they’re determined to straw man everything you say so that the whole conversation gets stuck in a stalemate of “you’re Y and you can’t even defend it!/nope not until you explain how you got to me being Y/you can’t defend it!/no more than I can defend the fact I’m not a banana pal, you need to form a proper argument before I can refute it/you know you’re wrong! You’ve got no defence!”

So yes I should have walked out at least an hour before I did, but a) I was sort of entertained by the total ridiculousness of it all, my  brain was stuck on “dude are… you serious with this?” and b) it was one of those maddening situations where whatever you do he’s going to see it as victory. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of changing the subject or leaving as I could see he’d see it as concession (and probably he ultimately did, but I was hungry by then so I surrendered for the sake of some toast), so instead I wasted an evening attempting to have a discussion with a Twitter egg in human form.

Ahh well, live and learn. I suppose it wasn’t boring!



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