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Hollywoodland Cover Design: Judge this Book

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but I can only presume they have never been to a bookshop. Because when I’m wandering about Waterstones or clicking about Amazon, what else can I judge by? The blurb, sure. I’ll probably read the first paragraph or two before heading to the till – but I won’t get that far unless the cover catches my eye.

So this is why it’s pretty gosh darned important that the cover for Hollywoodland is as eye catching and intriguing and all round fandabbydozy as possible.

Which is why I need your help.

After a week of dizzying brilliance and back and forth with designers, I have the shortlist to end all shortlists.

Please click on the link here: Brilliant Designs for Hollywoodland and have your say!

Ooh, and if you’d like to know what it’s all about…

August, 1921: as a fledgling studio fights to survive in a rapidly evolving industry, three young pioneers are determined to make their mark on history, one way or another.

Stella Bennett arrives in Hollywood from London determined to make it as a motion picture actress. She’ll stop at nothing – but when she gets caught up in the scandal of the decade, she discovers that Hollywood might out-ruthless even her. Challenge accepted.

Cassie Carmichael has fought tooth and nail to get to where she is: from secretary to script reader, and now finally assistant head of the script department at one of the most powerful studios in town. But when an unqualified man is given credit for her hard work – Cassie puts everything on the line to take a chance on a risky new venture.

Hildy Atherton made her screen debut at 9 months old – she grew up in Edendale and movies are in her blood. After a stint training as a ‘girl reporter’ in New York, she comes back to Hollywood determined to start her own magazine that lifts the veil on the truth about the movie colony: but her first scoop puts her brother’s life in danger.

It’s a little bit soapy with a delicious dark side. Downton Abbey meets Entourage, and perfect for snuggling up on a rainy Saturday afternoon with endless tea. You will be sick to the back teeth of me banging on about it over the next few months, but… I’m not even sorry.

Hopefully the website will be ready to go in the next few weeks, and there I’m going to start blogging a bit about the series, but mostly, to begin with at least, about all the brilliant real life stories and gossip and history that inspired it.

So… is there anything you’ve always wanted to know about the dawn of Hollywood? Heard some gossip you’d like the background on? Know of any mysteries that have never been solved.. let me know here!

Am I chatting total nonsense? Tell me what you think!

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