Days Forty Three to Forty Seven

I’ve decided, that even though it’s becoming increasingly clear that the whole daily blogging thing is going to go out the window on occasion, I’m going to make it like a healthy eating thing, whereby just because I fall off the wagon once in a while doesn’t mean abandoning the whole thing.


The irony is, I’ve spent so much time over the past few days thinking about blogging that it sort of escaped my attention I hadn’t actually done any. On Thursday, I treated myself to a glorious day of planning, in which the enormous, multi-faceted, bonkers and glorious world of Hollywoodland emerged over several whiteboards. I actually had to go out and buy more whiteboards, which I fully appreciate defeats the purpose of whiteboards, but I’m not even sorry.


It was the first meeting of Freelancer Fridays! I realised that the main thing I miss about working in offices is a) being able to occasionally ask advice or bounce ideas off colleagues, and b) that first drink to kick off the weekend on a Friday. So on Freelancer Fridays, we’re going to meet to co-work on Friday afternoons, then have a drink and bitch about late paying clients and whatnot. The most fantastically random group of people showed up, and conversation ranged from social media to celeb interviews to misogyny to travel. An excellent start.


Much of Saturday was spent engaged in practical things like putting up pictures and buying lightbulbs. Luckily my cousin was on hand to set me right with a catch up over wine and an espresso martini that kept me awake – me not being a coffee drinker – into the night screwing in the aforementioned lightbulbs in a mildly demented sort of fashion.


Which meant that Sunday was mostly about sitting very still and finishing The Axeman’s Jazz which I wanted to like so much more than I did. I mean, it’s a serial killer, 1919 and New Orleans – does it not have my name written all over it?! And it’s beautifully written in many ways, but I just found it so slow going I had to keep forcing myself to pick it up again. I managed to polish it off just in time to meet another cousin (well family friend, but we decided years ago we were ‘cousins by choice’) for dinner.


The great planning session of 2017 continued, I finally managed to catch up on the Storywonk podcasting class I signed up to weeks ago (“podcasting?!” I hear you say… oh yes), had a session with my new personal trainer (step one in paddleboarding from Sweden to Finland this summer…) and saw Trainspotting 2. Loved it. It’s one of those films that, though you could probably pick it apart if you were writing a review (there isn’t much of a story to speak of, it’s more about just catching up with old friends), it’s so nostalgic and fab and funny that you love it anyway. I’m just under a decade younger than Renton et all, so their heyday was the one I was looking up to as a dorky pre-teen waiting for life to start. So it’s a funny sort of nostalgia it brings: a remembering of looking forward. Anticipating the moment when I’d be cool enough to be into The Prodigy as opposed to Kylie and Jason. Twenty years later… I’m still waiting.

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    Awesomely productive few days for you.

    And despite not blogging in ages, I just joined a February blogging challenge. (!?!?) But the catch is it has no rules. Yes!

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