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Month: December 2016

Happy Hogmany

Happy Hogmany! Nobody does New Years like the Scots. I think it’s shifting now a bit, but for a long time – centuries – Hogmany was a bigger deal to us than Christmas. I believe this had something to do with the straightlaced Church of […]


Greetings from the depths of Twixtmas, and more specifically, from the bottom of a box of Celebrations that Santa thoughtfully left in my stocking. Twixtmas (as in betwixt) is the delicious period when the mad merrymaking of the past few weeks is over but the New Year’s […]

Neutral Gender Neutrality

Last night my family watched a movie I wasn’t interested in so I moseyed around Twitter and stumbled into a mild spat over gender neutral toys. It never ceases to amaze me how simple concepts can be made to appear hopelessly complicated by those determined to oppose […]

Wait Your Turn

On Boxing Day, Mum, the Nephew and I headed to Richmond Park to walk, feed the ducks, and fall asleep in the buggy (that was just one of us.) Naturally, it being Boxing Day and a lovely sunny day, Richmond Park was utterly rammed, filled […]

Christmas: ✔︎

Christmas: ✔︎ The pudding was a success, according to all those who ate it (with only moderate prodding from me). It tasted just like a Christmas pudding, which, really, is all any of us could have asked of it. I realised my prodding might have […]

Loving and Loathing in Fraser’s Ridge

“Aunty Claire? Where is Aunty Claire?” Hiding. Day two, and she’s hiding. Because she has such a commitment to this blog. That’s it. Last night I got stuck in to the final (currently published) Outlander book. A while back, a friend asked whether I’d recommend reading […]

Trains and Automobiles

Traveling by train is my absolute favourite way to get around. Over the years I’ve zig zagged much of Europe and the States by train, and my dream is to one day take the Trans-Siberia railway from Moscow to Beijing. I’m not a great fan […]

Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding…

Yesterday I did something I’ve been talking about doing for years. I made a Christmas Pudding. You know how there are certain things you get slightly obsessed with the idea of doing, yet never quite get around to… actually doing? That’s me and Christmas Puddings. […]

He Did and He Didn’t

Argh it’s one of those days! I woke up with a plan. A good plan. A solid plan. Last week’s Garbo pitch went cautiously well, and I’ve promised a draft will be forthcoming early in the new year, so my plan was to spend these three […]

Neutrality and Grouchiness

I really envy those who get knocked out by alcohol. A drunken slumber sounds wonderful to me. I have more than two or three glasses of wine, and I’m tossing and turning all night, musing on stuff that happened twenty-odd years ago and tumbling ever deeper into […]