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Month: March 2016

Why all or nothing solves nothing and hurts us all

I’m deeply into The People vs OJ Simpson at the moment. There’s something about all Ryan Murphy shows that are just so watchable, isn’t there? Somehow they demand just the right amount of attention, and no more. Halfway through Season 2, I’m actually waning a bit […]

Feminist Heroines: Isobel MacDuff

I first stumbled across the story of Isobel MacDuff in a book of Scottish ghost stories, around a quarter of a century ago. At around 11 or 12, I went through a phase of being fascinated by Scottish folklore and ghost stories, which probably accounts for […]

House of Cards: Sex & Feminism

I lost the weekend to House of Cards and I’m not even sorry. Last week was one of those ‘twenty work deadlines and just so happened to also be out every night’ weeks, which are completely lovely and thankfully rare. I’m not as young as […]

All about me: Life & projects update…

We interrupt your regularly scheduled ranting about feminist stuff to bring you a special announcement: I finished Strangers!! Well this draft, anyway. And in fact, when I say I finished it, I got to the end then promptly realised two more things need to happen. Those […]