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Month: February 2016

Fuller House in Mildly Feminist Shock

I’m not going to confirm that I planned Friday night’s drinking so that my hangover coincided with the release of Fuller House on Netflix, but I’m not going to pretend that I didn’t, either. My family moved to the States in the summer of 1989, […]

The Mind Control of Love: Domestic Abuse and Jessica Jones

When I was around fifteen or so, I was in the debating club at school. One day, the topic was domestic abuse and whether or not victims who kill their abusers should be charged with murder. I was in the swing of my speech arguing […]

Let’s chat: the Quotas Debate

Are quotas necessary to achieve gender equality? Are quotas necessary to achieve gender equality? Click To Tweet Party time! Let’s Chat is just what it says on the tin: an open thread to chat. I’ll set a discussion topic and everyone’s welcome to have at […]

New Orleans: Deep down Louisiana

So, the first thing to be said is that New Orleans is my spiritual home and I want my ashes scattered in the French Quarter. And if you’re thinking, ‘pah, the French Quarter is the touristy rubbish bit” all I have to say in response […]

7 Reasons I’m a Men’s Rights Activist

Men’s Rights Activists get a bad rap, don’t they? But I’m not sure they’re not so far off the mark…* 1. I don’t believe in chivalry Now let’s be clear: there’s a difference between being “chivalrous” and “not randomly being an arsehole to your fellow human […]

Outlander chat II: Get yer kilt off

… so I’m just going to pick up from where I left off last week discussing Outlander. The other reason that male nudity on screen isn’t exactly the same as female and if we object to one we should object to the other, is… well it’s […]