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Month: January 2016

Why do we think stalking is romantic?

Stalking, actually. Over Christmas, my family watched Love Actually. I hadn’t seen it it in years, and remembered it vaguely as sort of crap in a cheesy way but inoffensively fun. It turns out that it’s a highly disturbing prequel to a slasher flick full of creepy […]

The Future is Female

Last week, Mary Curnock Cook, Chief Executive of UCAS (that’s the body that manages university admissions in the UK) expressed concern over the low number of boys gaining entry to university in the UK. As of this year, girls are 35% more likely to go […]

Perving on Jamie Fraser: Feminist or Hypocritical?

So who else is OBSESSING about Outlander? (And specifically, Jamie Fraser?) I know I’m a bit late to the party here, but in my defence, I’m an actual Scottish person. Further, I’m a Scottish person who spent much of her childhood in the States, and once […]

GUEST POST: Do we still need feminism?

I am so thrilled to introduce a guest post by Katie, a young blogger and tea-and-book-lover I met on Twitter. She’s passionate about feminism (as you’re about to read below) and mental health, and took the time to write this post while preparing to start her […]

Be the Nerd

A few years ago, I went the wedding of a couple of good friends. It was a fairly fancy do, at Westminster Abbey no less, so naturally I went all out and wore a gigantic floopy hat. Outside the church we all greeted one another with […]

Let’s Chat: The Great Surname Debate

Can you be a feminist and change your surname after marriage? Party time! Let’s Chat is just what it says on the tin: an open thread to chat. I’ll set a discussion topic and everyone’s welcome to have at it. (Anything nasty/personal/generally unconstructive will be […]

Lang May Your Lum Reek

Me: “Look, look at the light up in the sky! I think it’s Santa!! Woooohhooooo!!!” My three year old niece: “I think that’s a plane, Aunty Claire.” I may not be the most grown up when it comes to Christmas. (Or my birthday for that matter. […]