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Month: October 2015

Were witches the first feminists?

How many of us will be dressing up as witches tomorrow? I won’t, but only because I’m spending the entire day on a train from Atlanta to New Orleans and I’d feel a bit of a plonker sitting there in a pokey hat and green […]

Is James Bond a Feminist?

I got to go to a screening of the new James Bond film last night, and my verdict is… not bad. Not bad at all. Not quite feminist either, but we’ll get to that. It’s a classic Bond film. The action is second to none, […]

Purity nuts & the damage they’re doing

The value placed on women’s purity is both disturbing and damaging. Once upon a time, in the dim and distant 1990s, a baby feminist (spoiler alert: it was me!) worked in a pub during her A levels. One day, she joined in on some lads’ banter about […]

All Men are Scum

Spoiler alert: I don’t think all men are scum. In fact, I know they’re not. I can probably count on one hand the individuals I consider to be scum, and they aren’t even all men. But someone out there is determined to convince people that […]

My Top Ten Must See Classic Movies

By request from Andy, my top ten must-see classic films, in no particular order Because films are like children as far as I’m concerned: you may have a favourite, but you don’t tell people. 1. Vertigo The only colour movie to make the list (though […]

Amy Schumer, we need to talk

I am a huge Amy Schumer fan. I’ve written before about how much I loved Trainwreck (I was literally struggling for breath I was laughing so hard in the cinema), and her no bullshit brand of humour is right up my street. But! Amy Schumer, we […]

Greta Garbo and John Gilbert: In Love

I would rather spend an hour with [Garbo] than a lifetime with any other woman. -John Gilbert Okay first, you need to watch this clip. It’s only four minutes, you have time. I’ll wait. It was the damnedest thing you ever saw. It was the […]

Can Makeup and Feminism be friends?

Can Makeup and Feminism be friends?

I’m not a big makeup person. Partly because I’m rubbish at it and with anything more than the basics on look like a clown/five year old who’s raided mummy’s makeup bag, and partly because I’m lazy. It might be fun to get dolled up for a fancy night out, […]

The Women’s Equality Party Launch

The Women’s Equality Party Launch

This morning, Women’s Equality Party leader Sophie Walker issued a challenge to David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn and the old guard of Westminster: put us out of business. Stop paying lip service to equality by making comments that are nothing more than words, and take some […]

What makes River so feminist?

What makes River so feminist?

I’ve just caught up with the first episode of the BBC’s new crime drama, River (the second episode is on BBC1 tonight). I think I’m loving it, and not just for reasons of supporting my old neighbour (well neighbour-ish, Stellan Skarsgård lives on the posher side […]