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January blues? Pah!

January blues? Pah!

I’ve surfaced! And to celebrate, I’m diving headfirst into the teetering-out-of-control to-do list I left behind!

I had grand plans to write a monthly diary here, and have managed, so far, to do one in four months. Please just imagine I did exciting and glamorous things all the other months.

The first great excitement of the year was surviving my first flight since resolving to combat my fear of flying. It was an exceptionally smooth flight, which was good in so far as it wasn’t a great challenge to remain calm… but also bad because I didn’t get to work on staying calm when it’s all a bit wobbly and scary.

Randomly enough, as I took my seat upon boarding, the cabin crew director approached me to say that British Airways had noticed I’ve been flying them quite often lately and wanted to thank me and welcome me on board. It was of course a bit of meaningless PR really, but made it all feel oddly like the first flight of the rest of my life. So, so far so good. I’m headed back to London in a couple of weeks for the showcase reading of Guilty, so we’ll see how that goes…

I kicked off a semi weekly ice skating/drinking session, with some impressive backwards skating:


The fact that I can only go backwards when I stand still and Verina pushes me, is neither here nor there.

IMG_5938Maria kindly invited me toThe Nutcracker at Stockholm’s Royal Opera House.  The Nutcracker is one of my favourite ballets, and this production was particularly interesting as they had adapted it to incorporate a Scandinavian folk tale. It was an unusual Nutcracker, and glorious as always!

I left the opera house on a Sugar Plum Fairy high, and headed home to transform myself into a punk for Elisabet’s friends’ P party. Annoyingly, it was then that I discovered that the bin bags I’d bought to make a top out of were teeny weeny, so, already an hour late for the party, I had to come over all Project Runway and set to safety pinning six together.

It was a fabulous party with much boogying to 80s and 90s music. Sadly I was far from the only one with the punk idea, but I was the only one wearing six bin bags, so it worked out in the end.


Movie night kicked off 2014 with my all time favourite film, Queen Christinafollowed by the ever fantabulous VertigoThen there was Nadine’s lovely birthday brunch featuring a bit of lively feminist debate, our first ski of the year (and my only so far – bloody deadlines!), and a glorious, glorious evening spent in the spa Centralbadet. I had the massage that Nadine, Verina, Paolo and Korinna clubbed together to give me for my birthday, and, thanks to cooling off after the sauna on the “sun” deck in the snow in my bikini, also got a cold I’ve had ever since.

And that was January!

16 thoughts on “January blues? Pah!”

    • Oh you must – it’s wonderful!

      😉 If it helps at all, my February diary so far reads: “had a cold. Was in PJs by 7pm most nights…”

  • Oh, The Nutcracker was the first adult production I saw – I still have fond memories of it. And I’m happy for you that you’ve been combating your fear of flying. That takes courage. Glad you enjoyed your January!

    • Mine too! I think it’s a perfect first ballet, it’s just what you imagine a ballet to be! Thank you – so far so good 😉

    • So true! It crossed my mind to tell him that he had actually cheered me up, but I thought I might end up sounding a bit bonkers 😉

  • I need to see ballet live. That would be amazing. I’ve been to the symphony, but never the ballet.

    You are impossibly adorable. 🙂

    Glad you’ve resurfaced. Missed ya.

    • You so must, I think it’s one of those things that deserves a bucket list place – especially such a classic ballet! The symphony is wonderful too – I’m overdue a visit!

      Missed you too! Am so disgustingly behind with blog writing that catching up on blog reading is so in the deep distant future!! But soon… I’m coming for you!!

      • maybe I WILL put that on my very-new-ever-growing bucket list! I like that actually.

        I totally get being behind on blog reading! No pressure from me. I end up spending like two freakin’ days at a time catching up, and while I LOVE the posts I’m reading, it’s like a part time job! wow. Blogging is FOR REAL, Jack. Or Claire in this case. 🙂

        • So true! I keep intending to set aside a few hours a week for reading and commenting and generally being blog-sociable, but as soon as I get busy it slips through the cracks! I don’t like to rush too much because I want to read and enjoy everyone else’s hard work, so I put it off until I have some proper time… any minute now!! Ahh well, paved with good intentions and all 😉

          Sometimes I think that’s one of the toughest things about organising any kind of writing life – there is so much auxiliary stuff like research and staying up to date with what else is out there, be it blogs or novels or movies, that can be hard to feel justified as ‘work’ but it is necessary. I know my writing suffers when I’m not reading enough, but reading still feels like fun/leisure time, so I don’t always prioritise it as I should.

  • Good grief you’ve been busy! That’s certainly one way to ward off the post-Christmas depression! We’ve been doing the same, just on a much smaller scale than you. How do you keep up with a life that busy!?

    An outfit made of trash bags! You’re hilarious! Good thing you left out the crumpled-up newspaper stuffing. You might have been mistaken as homeless instead of punk. ;o)

    • 😀 Well it’s catching up with me now as so far the only entry for February is: “marathoned Scandal whilst possibly dying from The Worst Cold Ever in the History of the Universe.”

      Very true – there is a fine line!!

    • ‘scuse me computer, I hadn’t finished. That dress has a serious Mortitia Addams look to it. I’m going to give it a try. I’m very proud of your flight without throwing up/fainting – well done!

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