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Friday 21 February is Life is Swede Day!!!

Here it is! Details on my diabolical plan for world domination (*insert evil laugh here*). What do you reckon? Is it doable? Have I missed anything important?


American ex pat Regan moves halfway across the world to start a new life with holiday fling Anders. She launches a blog, Life is Swede and posts daily about her ups and downs settling into Stockholm and struggles to connect with Anders’ tight knit group of friends.

When one of them is found dead during a weekend away in a remote cabin, the police quickly zero in on Anders as the killer. Regan sets out to clear his name, and details her investigation for her fascinated readers – unaware that the killer is reading her blog, and watching her every move.

Life is Swede is a psychological thriller that started out life as an authentic seeming personal blog, and was revealed as fiction when the murders started. The reaction was mixed, with some readers intrigued by the twist and others feeling betrayed – begging the question, is all fair in love and fiction?

Now that the final blog has been posted, the whole project has been put together into an ebook:


Friday 21 February is Life is Swede day!!

The idea is to gather up all the fantastic support the blog has had over the last few months – and welcome some new friends into the fold – and see if we can get this little project that could onto the Amazon best seller list for a day*!

(*and also for the rest of all time. But you know, one step at a time 😉 )

To pull this off, we need to spread the word as much as possible to everybody in the whole world (ideally) to buy Life is Swede on Friday 21 February. Join Regan’s Army and blog, share, re-post, tweet, like, submit, pin with abandon! There’s even a Facebook group you can join and add your friends to if you really want to go wild!

Anyone who:

* tweets, shares, mentions the project on any social media will get a thank you & link of their choice on www.lifeisswedeblog.com

* hosts my guest post about the project & plan (I’ll email it on request!) or adds friends to the event Facebook group will get a thank you & blog button displayed on www.lifeisswedeblog.com, plus I’ll tweet & share to the Facebook group a link of your choice.

* blogs about the project (the story, the concept, the plan!) or reviews the book on Amazon will get the button on www.lifeisswedeblog.com, plus a thank you and link on the last page of the book itself, and will go into the draw to be name-checked as one of Regan’s blog friends in the text of the book.

These are just the thank yous I could think up myself (and though my fuzzy, cold addled brain!) – if you have any thoughts or co promotion ideas, I am all ears!! I’ll be monitoring any activity of course, but please do give me a heads up if you are getting involved so that I can be sure to thank you!!

26 thoughts on “Friday 21 February is Life is Swede Day!!!”

  • Oh snap. I just bought it today. Do I need to buy it for a friend on the 21st? I saw it, and went straight to one click. I’ll send it as a gift. Glad I just had a conversation with myself on your comments. I’ll stop typing now.

    • Mandi you are most welcome to chat to yourself in my comments any time you like! Thank you so much for buying it at all! If you would like to gift it on the 21st even better, but buying and reading it at all is fab!! Hope you enjoy it…

  • Mandi (cellulitelooksbettertan) I’m seeing you on every single post I go to! Yes. I’m stalking you. In case you were wondering. Claire! You’re a freakin’ evil genius and I heart your creativity BIG. I’m totally on board and will be shouting it out! Going to buy it now….

  • Got it! Yippppeee! Okay, so since I’ve nominated myself as your evil-genius-assistant-extraordinaire, I’m planning to mention the book and the LOS Day 2/21 on my blog this weekend. I’ll also tweet and FB share about it. MWA! good luck! xoxo

    • You are the best evil-genius-assistant-extraordinaire ever!! That would be amazing, thank you so much!

      When I lived in Canada, I was a member of a First Night Club, which organised people to go and support Canadian movies in their first weekend, so that the opening weekend numbers looked good and the film had a shot of surviving another week (and so being seen by the general public as it normally takes them a week or two to hear about an independent film). I’ve been thinking that, if this goes well (or at least isn’t a total disaster!), maybe we should form something like that for e-books/blogs/web series?!

        • Okay Claire, I’ve been pimping it on twitter and FB. Last weekend, I totally forgot to mention it in my TToT post (where I can list ten things from the week). I know – Lame! I’m trying to squeeze it into a post over the weekend. Every bit counts. Good luck tomorrow!

  • Claire, i was trying to catch up on Life is Swede via blog and keep getting distracted, so you can definitely count on my to buy it on the 21st, and share, tweet, reblog, etc.! This is a great idea, I hope it is super successful! 🙂

    • Fantastic, thank you so much! And thank you for reading Identity – I don’t comment on there so that people can speculate without me poking my nose in, but I do see the likes every day!!

      Fingers crossed – like all of this, it’s total experiment which could be exciting or fall flat on its face… we’ll see!!!

      • Oh, Claire, I am SO enjoying Identity…but I feel like I am missing the background, so that is why I started reading Life Is Swede, but just so many things to keep up with, including my day job! 🙂

        This will work, though, we will all help!

  • You really are a genius for doing this although, I admit, I was one who initially felt betrayed, but then realized it’s awesomeness. 🙂 I’m one of the writers for Tipsylit.com and we have a significant fan base. I’d love to interview you and share and promote this on our site. If you’re interested, email me at deanna1608@yahoo.com Can’t wait to read it!

    • I’m so pleased you gave it a second chance Deanna – thank you!! And that would be fantastic – email winging its way to you shortly…

  • What a fabulous idea Claire – I love the concept and just got hooked on the first few paragraphs. Wishing you much success with the idea – inspired to put together a little post about it this evening. No need for buttons or link-ups – just happy to support a great, inspirational idea and happy to have found a new blog to follow. xx Jess

    • Tack Lotta! Some of my Swedish friends said it was fun to read an impression of Sweden from an outsider… though I don’t think murder is expected for all ex pats 😉

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