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Month: January 2014

Just When I Thought I Was Out…

Well, not out exactly, but the bonkersness of the past few days just goes to show you that you never know the minute in the film industry. That’s the flip side to the chaotic, unpredictable nature of the business: the You Never Know side.  Just […]

Please Don’t Take My Sunshine Away

It is very lovely and also, no doubt, impressive to the winder world, to be nominated for a blog award. But to be nominated twice for the same award? I think we can all agree that I’m something pretty special. No, shh. We agreed. Conversation […]

Six O’Clock Already I was Just in the Middle of a Dream…

I did have the maddest dream last night, though sadly Valentino didn’t make an appearance. I dreamed that three guy friends of mine (all quite hot, two of them actors for the purposes of mental pictures – you’re welcome) were fighting – as in fist […]

Land of the Cheerful

Transamerica Part IV: (I’ll finish it eventually, I promise!) AmTrack was doing some fantastic deal that summer that meant it was actually cheaper to take the train everywhere rather than fly. As the more astute amongst you might have gathered by now, I’m no great […]

Whoomp Here it is…

It’s Identity day folks – rejoice throughout the world! Or at least, you know, go and have a peek. If you wouldn’t mind. Maybe let me know what you think. Are you intrigued? Enough to come back and read tomorrow? Enough to click ‘follow’? Enough […]

No More Champagne, And the Fireworks are Through

Happy New Year! It’s that day of the year, when all the Scots are into the second day of recovering from Hogmany and the rest of the world is just getting on with the year, when we all promise faithfully to ourselves to become perfect […]