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Month: December 2013

Happy ClaBloPoMo Day

Well it’s 25 December, a day which will be remembered in the future as the final day of ClaBloPoMo. Probably. Grandma would like me to inform the world that I woke HER at 8am. Best of the holiday season to all of you, I’ll see […]

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I’ll have been woken at around 6:45 by Grandma desperate to open her stocking (she’s under strict instructions to wait until 7am, but she never does). We’ll then go to wake my youngest brother Paul, who will be in a deep sleep on account of […]

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Argh! With only a few days to go of the venerable ClaBloPoMo, I skipped a day on Friday! The consequences will be dire. Dire, I tell you. In my defense, I was preoccupied on Friday morning having a conniption over having to get on a […]

Expat Blog Awards

I realise that this entry is a bit of a cheat in terms of ClaBloPoMo (the terms of which are terribly strict and unforgiving!), but it’s my first day at my parents’ for Christmas so I’m entirely more concerned with the BRITISH BREAKFAST I’m just […]

From Sea to Shining Sea

Part I of this saga in which I was deported from Canada is here and Part II, camping in the Pacific Northwest, is here. I was just about to tuck into a pile of the most gorgeous, fluffy, scrambled eggs and crisp bacon when our […]


I’m plotting away on Identity, my next blog project, and am falling ever deeper in love with it.  I love it so much I would marry it if I believed in marriage and it promised to not get on my nerves too much.  It’s mildly […]

Pretentious, Moi?

I ran out of time on Friday to post about Book Club, which was held on Thursday night just after the Baa Baa Vita Lamb incident.  Nadine hosted this time, and it started with cheese and crackers and glögg  (did I mention that glögg was a bit […]

Good Tidings We Bring

It’s been a rather lovely week. On Monday, our script workshop held its final meeting of the year and Christmas party.  I’m quite proud of the script workshop.  I’ve been involved in various workshops and feedback groups for as long as I’ve been a writer: […]

What Happens Next?

So, when we last left me, I was whittering on about how writing is a terrible, terrible mistress particularly if one is certifiable enough to attempt to make a living from it, and generally wah wah wah. Metaphorically strung out in late spring this year, I […]

Rambling on Writing

It’s just hit me that this is the longest spell in living memory that I haven’t had any fiction on the go.  For years I have, at all times, had at least one, and normally several, screenplays bubbling away at various stages of development, and […]