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Month: October 2013

Regan Gone Wild

A few bits and pieces about the mysterious Ms King in her last week (sob!)… Scottish Expat Living in Sweden, Interview with Claire – Claire is a writer currently living in Sweden for no particular reason. She first became an ex pat the day before […]

Writing Life is Swede

Bit of a mad couple of weeks – not least with a certain someone taking up a lot of attention in her last couple of weeks! – I’ll be back on the blogging bus shortly.  In the meantime, thanks to Gemma for letting me guest […]

35 by 35

I love the sound of 35. It sounds so… significant.  A woman of 35.  Still on the young side. still with the majority of her life ahead of her (and given the longevity genes in my family, likely the vast majority), yet with a decent […]

September Shenanigans

I had intended to keep up a regular diary of sorts here, but what’s that Tallullah Bankhead said about good girls and diaries?  So a slightly belated September recap is in order! I went to see my friend Nadine who plays in the Royal Stockholm […]

Smelling a Rat: Is all Fair in Love and Fiction?

Thanks to Katie for letting me guest post! I met a girl with a writing voice that I have the risk of drowning in. Her name is Claire Duffy. She’s a Scot that liked Sweden so much she decided to move there. She blogs, writes, […]