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Month: September 2013

Förlorat i Översättningen

After two and a half years, I have a semi decent working level of Swedish.  I couldn’t have a deep philosophical discussion and wouldn’t want to take instructions on performing surgery, but I can handle transactions at the bank, order cups of tea (as many […]

Your Living City Article: Such Great Heights: Stockholm Rooftop Tour

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No… it’s just YLC’s Claire Duffy tramping on the roof of your apartment. Last week our acrophobic adjacent Duffy took her adventures to new heights with the newest way to tour Stockholm: roof walking with Upplev Mer. Is this […]

The Rockstar and the Talking Car

Maine is truly enormous when you’re nursing a broken heart. For complicated reasons relating to it being really expensive to fly places not many people want to go to, I had travelled to Halifax by flying from London to Boston, renting a car and pointing […]

You’ve Got a Friend

One of the most daunting aspects of being an ex pat is the whole not-knowing-a-single-person-in-the-country-where-you-live thing.  It’s tough, building an entire social life from scratch, and while Sweden gets a particularly bad rap, I don’t think there’s anywhere in the world you could rock up […]

Meet Regan

Meet Regan

American ex pat Regan moved to Stockholm to be with her Swedish boyfriend Anders after a whirlwind romance, and has been blogging about her adventures settling into Sweden.  Last week, her regular readers were startled when the blog took an unexpected turn: one of Anders’ […]

The Girl with the Obsession with Sweden

On Sunday afternoon I was sitting in the park, soaking up some sun and recovering from the Zumba torture session when I overheard a man next to me on the bench greet a friend, “goddag goddag.”  Instantly, it catapulted me back to three years ago, […]

Zumba and Cosmos and Trains

Morgan accused me of having first world problems on Friday evening when I complained about my jam packed weekend.  In fact, as an ex pat, I’ll never take a busy weekend for granted – the memory of the first few months in Sweden, when I […]

Home Swede Home

My first apartment in Stockholm was unfurnished.  I don’t mean unfurnished as in London, where an ‘unfurnished’ rental flat means more, ‘not quite fully furnished, you’ll need to pick up a few bits’.  I mean, literally, an empty room.  There wasn’t even a lightbulb. Given […]

Dating in the City: Stockholm’s Bradshaw signing off

YLC’s fabulous dating guru Claire Duffy on her summer of love, the therapy of column-writing and why it has been awesome to become a kick-ass Swedish woman. And so we have arrived at the end of my little summer column of lovin’. It has been […]

Friday the 13th

My family is split down the middle.  My mum, sister and one of my brothers pack carefully for trips days in advance, print out itineraries and confirm bookings; my Dad, my other brother and I show up at the wrong airport with one another’s passports […]